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Satisfied customers

"We have an home that was built in 1994 with a stucco exterior, the front of
Brick Fireplace in Room
our home has extensive use of a cultured stone accent. It became apparent that we needed to have our stucco removed as there were indications that we had a problem with moisture intrusion.

The job halted when the siding contractor got to the front where the stone was because a match to the existing stone had to be located. Due to a lot extenuating circumstances we were not satisfied with the siding contractor's solution for our stone work. We were then in a position where we had to find both cultured stone that would work for our job and a mason who could and would do this work. Some old stone had to be removed and replaced, new stone had to be installed in newly added pillar bases at our entryway and there was a big unknown about the condition of the exterior wall where a window box was installed over stucco and there was a large window over that area. This section of exterior wall was entirely finished with cultured stone!

The successful preservation of the integrity of our home was dependent on a expert mason who could fine a compatible cultured stone and blend it with what existed and with what needed to be replaced and added to. After two exhausting weeks of searching for a cultured stone match it was apparent that much had changed in the cultured stone world in the past 20 years and finding a compatible match was a monumental problem.

At that point, John, from Fine Art Masonry answered my email and agreed to come and look at our job. I call him heaven sent because I was at a point where I could not see the possibility of getting our house restored with any resemblance of what we had hoped for at the onset of the restoration. John, thankfully, took our job on, he skillfully used three different cultured stone colors, he removed the stone that was not salvageable, installed ledging detail on the crown of the stone work, worked with our new contractor who was building the pillar bases that would need to be finished in the stone. But the biggest issue materialized when John took the window boxes off and the moisture intrusion issues in that location became apparent. Ultimately, the window had to be replaced, John removed all of the existing stone on that entire wall and had to wait for the new window to be delivered and the exterior wall repairs to be completed.

This pushed the stone work on that full exterior wall to winter with below freezing temperatures. John tented that wall, heated the working area and stayed with that job until it was finished, which was the first week in January. To say we were impressed with John's dedication to our job is a gross understatement; we are grateful for his talents, his job ethic, and the personal integrity that he brings to his work. We heartily recommend Fine Arts Masonry!"

Patricia and LeRoy Walquist

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